LearnBiz Wale

Our Mission

We are focused on providing business skills & right mental attitudes to teenagers & youths, making them suitable, productive & innovative (for the Nigerian market & its challenges).

Ready for the Market

As against the average Education curricula in Nigeria and most African countries, that does not prepare students to be market ready. We make our students ready for the market.

The school curricula at different levels are neither sufficiently geared towards the needs of employers nor do they equip young people for self-employment. Many young people complete even tertiary education without an ability to apply that knowledge to real life situations. This has led some to conclude that a majority of the youth are ‘unemployable’.


Filling the Work Gap

The fate of average teenagers in Nigeria and some African countries, who can not afford education is relegation to hawking or apprenticeship. Whereas, some have the capacity to be great assets to the world.

Learnbiz fills such gaps and ensures every willing person, has access to the knowledge that can give him/her similar edges in the market place.